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e90 – Games that Scare Us - Press Continue Podcast EP90

Adam and Brittany list off the games that freak us out and give us nightmares. Why is Super Mario Bros. on the list?!

This month in gaming news… Fortnite is in trouble with the BBB, Gamestop is selling out, and Dragon’s Lair on your toaster.

Handmaidens Tale and Childen of Men stop the human race from continuing. Mr. Robot gets in Adam’s head.

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e89 – NHL 94 and 5 Minute Dungeon (Sega Genesis, Tabletop) - Press Continue Podcast EP89

Start the year off right with us and hear about the best Hockey game of all time, NHL 94 for the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and SNES.

This episode is a double feature with a review of 5 Minute Dungeon and news of the new expansion just released for it.

In the news, Tumblr gets rid of all NSFW posts and Sony starts shutting down servers.

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e88 – Popular Games We Hate - Press Continue Podcast EP88

We hate on everything and everybody…especially each other. Come join us as we hate the games you love.

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e87 – Games Better in Arcades! - Press Continue Podcast EP87

Adam and Brittany discuss a bunch of arcade games that were better and more fun to play in the arcade.

Movie discussion is around Antman and TV discussion is about Orange is the new Black and GLOW on netflix. Listen in for some surprise guests.

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e86 – E3 2018 Review and First Impressions - Press Continue Podcast EP86

Adam and Brittany give quick reviews and first impressions to a bunch of games announced at E3 2018.

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e85 – Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) - Press Continue Podcast E85

Adam and Brittany from Press Continue Podcast finally get it together and talk about what is considered Mario's greatest adventure, Super Mario Bros 3. Is it still as great as everyone remembers and does The Wizard build enough hype?

Brittany sees a bunch of movies including A Quiet Place and Deadpool 2 which reminds Adam of a most triumphant date from long ago.

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e84 – Double Dribble (NES) - Press Continue Podcast EP84

Mad dunks and 3 pointers are missed every time as we lose at Double Dribble on the NES. Tune in as we talk about this early masterpiece of a basketball game from Konami and compare it to sports games of today.

Brittany sees Ready Player One and Adam starts watching Krypton on SYFY Network.

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e83 – Hang-On/Super Hang-On (Sega Master System, Sega Genesis) - Press Continue Podcast EP83

There's a ton of Sega history to learn in this episode. Explore the wonder that is the Sega Power Base Converter and Hang-On for the Sega Master System. We compare it to the later release of Super Hang-On for the Sega Genesis. Which one is better, or do they both suck?

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e82 – Starfox (SNES) - Press Continue Podcast EP82

Fly with one of Nintendo's most iconic characters in Starfox for the SNES. The first game powered by the SuperFX chip was impressive in it's day but is the wow factor still there?

TV news brings 2 news shows from HBO, here and Now and Divorce, and Happy! on the SYFY Network.

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e81 – 2018 is gonna roll me - Press Continue Podcast EP81

We set some new year's resolutions and recap our best and worst picks of our 2017 shows. Warcraft old and new is discussed as well ...

We set some new year’s resolutions and recap our best and worst picks of our 2017 shows. Warcraft old and new is discussed as well as Exploding Kittens. A full review of Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Magicians on SYFY and Daredevil. And news of whats to come for us in 2018.

PS - This whole episode was made to annoy Brittany.

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